"Celebrate Your Season" Expanded eBooks

$ 19.95

I'm expanding all of my mini-eBooks, all 28 of them! (though some may be combined).

So what is different from my previous eBooks?

  • ALL the colors from my Deluxe Swatches are included in the book. 
  • The colors are arranged as they are in the Swatch book: by Power Colors, Light and Dark Neutrals, Fashion colors, etc. 
  • What season you are most likely to transition into if you choose to go grey. 
  • Many new images and graphics are included, and more!

 Creating 28 eBooks (some will be combined) will is time-consuming so I will be offering them for purchase as they are created. 

I will be creating new ones based on the popularity of the sales of my current mini-ebooks.
The Smokey Soft Autumn is definitely one of my top-sellers. 

And the Warm Autumn is my personal season so I created that one first since it is the season I know best. 
More will be coming~
FYI: Please note I changed font size so technically, the pages are about the same number as before. But I assure you more information has been included. 

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