What is Color Analysis?

Color Analysis is the art of studying a person’s natural coloring (eyes, skin, and hair) and them recommending the palette of colors that will harmonize and enhance that person’s coloring.

Sounds simple, but the benefits are profound. 

Wrong vs. Right ColorsWearing the wrong colors can have the following effects:

  • Sits on skin rather than blending in
  • Makes others notice the color first, not YOU first
  • Can be Aging
  • Can make you look ill
  • Emphasize negative areas like minor wrinkles, dark circles, blemishes

Wearing the right colors can:

  • “Melt into” your skin; Others notice YOU first
  • Make your eyes pop
  • Everything harmonizes
  • Can make you look younger and more refreshed

Color Analysis hit its heyday in the 1980's. But over the years, advances have been made in its theory and application. Essentially, it became much more accurate, especially the ColorBreeze System which I developed and use in my Virtual Color Analysis services. 

Built upon the previous systems which were good but still never quite complete, ColorBreeze is the most advanced and accurate color system available. 

You can learn much more about color analysis as well as my color system at my flagship website www.PrettyYourWorld.com.