Advanced ColorBreeze Complete New Season eBooks

$ 9.99

PLEASE NOTE: These ebooks are a work in progress. Instead of having to wait for all of the seasons to be created before offering them, I am adding each new season as they get created.

Currently, I am offering the seasons I'm getting the most inquiries around and will complete the others in the following weeks. 

The ColorBreeze System has been advanced once again. 

These eBooks are part of the final piece of the ColorBreeze System, which I call The ColorBreeze Complete.

6 new seasons were added to complete the most advanced and accurate color system available. 

These eBooks will give you the essential information about each season such as:

  • Chroma, Value, Temperature
  • It's Sister-Season (or it's hybrid makeup of several seasons)
  • Makeup and  hair and recommendations
  • 40 of your best colors
  • and more

A 15 page PDF will give you the basics of what that particular season is all about with high definition photo examples. 


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