PYW's Face Flash Cards
PYW's Face Flash Cards
PYW's Face Flash Cards
PYW's Face Flash Cards
PYW's Face Flash Cards
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PYW's Face Flash Cards

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Introducing Pretty Your World’s new Face Flash Cards!

PYW’s Face Flash Cards were designed to help you find your season with the basic 4 and other advanced color analysis systems, including my ColorBreeze System.

The Face Flash Cards were professionally designed to test very specific colors to help uncover your undertone, value, and chroma which ultimately leads you to your best season.

Each Face Flash Card color is numbered, front and back. You get a corresponding key sheet for each step. 


  • SELF-ANALYSIS: Determine your season and find the palette of colors that will help you look your absolute best.
  • GET UNSTUCK: For those stuck between two seasons (or three or more…) the first step of the process will help “draw out” your undertone, even if you are a blended-temperature season.
  • FOR NEWBIES: For those who are unfamiliar with the more advanced systems, the first two steps will find your main season, which is the first step of any analysis. From this alone, you will be able to know your best jewelry (silver vs. gold), best neutrals, basic makeup shades, etc. Once you train your eye to see the 4 main seasons, you can train your eye to see the additional variations of the sub-seasons. 
  • FOR PROFESSIONALS: For those who do Color Analysis professionally, these are sleeker and much easier to handle. They are also professionally chosen to pinpoint the perfect season for your client. 
  • OTHER PROFESSIONALS: Makeup artists and cosmetics retailers, eyeglass and jewelry retailers, clothes retailers can benefit simply from determining a customer's undertone. This will assist in the recommendations for the best cosmetics shades, metal determination (silvers vs gold), and best neutrals in business suits, etc. 

(note: only those who have been trained and certified through my academy can represent the ColorBreeze System -stock our Deluxe Swatches, etc. But these will also work for other systems as well).

I originally designed these for my certified consultants. But I honestly want everyone to discover their right season so I am making these available for purchase to everyone.


  • 14pt card stock with lamination on both sides for extra protection.
  • Size: 8.5” x 11”
  • Rounded corner to help prevent scratches.
  • 35 cards; 70 colors. 
  • Each color is numbered. A key (cheat sheet) is included. 
  • Cards come shrink-wrapped and ready to be organized into your own binder, folders, or briefcase.*
  • Bonus learning material and top tips will be provided on special website pages for purchasers. 
  • Download free PDF Checklist here. 

* When I originally launched these, I provided the binders, folders, and stickers. To ease costs, especially shipping costs, I am sending only the cards. This not only saves on shipping costs but consumers can choose their own preferred way to hold the cards. 

Are these meant to replace drapes? Are they better/worse than drapes?

They can replace drapes or they can be an addition to drapes. Some consultants want nothing but drapes. But the cards are much easier when you are on the run, if you do color analysis at people’s homes or offices, or if you are simply tired of dealing with drapes in general.

They are much more affordable, too.

Any color under the face, whether fabric or cardstock, will give you the same effect if you know what you are looking for. Information is included as to what you should look for when using the cards. 

How are these different than other similar cards?

The PYW  Face Flash Cards are unique because they are organized into a specific system to pinpoint the most accurate season. Some systems have colors that will say what season they belong to. And then you see if they do, indeed, look good on someone. And I guess you just kind of keep score in your head to see which ones add up to a specific season.

But my drapes are arranged in a systematic way using a specific process to mark which test colors “win” over the other and keeping track of the winners. All this will point to the most appropriate season.

Also, my cards take you beyond the standard 12 seasons.  While 10 of the standard 12 seasons are a part of my ColorBreeze system, the two Softs – Soft Summer and Soft Autumn – have been split into additional more-specific sub-seasons.

There simply are no one stand-alone Soft Summer and Soft Autumns anymore. Or there shouldn't be. My cards will take you to the lighter or darker soft season and a special insert in the binder will direct you to one more step in finding its very specific sub-season.

Do you ship these internationally?


I do ship to most countries (excluding Mexico and a few others). Keep in mind, International shipping has increased considerably in the last few years. As I explained above, I reduced the weight so this drops shipping costs by 1/3. Most shipping costs will be about $23 USD to countries outside the USA. 

(Please note that I am not responsible for additional fees, tariffs, or surcharges that may be levied on items in specific countries. Each country is different and it changes frequently so please be aware of your country’s rules regarding specific imports.)

 Learn More about how the Flash Cards work:

Pretty Your World's Face Flash Cards

Beginning with undertones, there are 5 cards with a cool color on one side and a warm color on the other side. Each color has a corresponding number.

Both colors may look good, or neither are great. But one should look better (or less bad) than the other.

Start with one, then flip it over. Do it again or as many times you need to make the determination. 

Mark your choice for better color on an enclosed chart and move on to the next flash card. You will have 4 more steps to determine the undertone.

More Warm than Cool check marks?

You will be a Spring or Autumn. You will then go on to test between those seasons.

More Cool than Warm check marks?

Test between the Winter and Summer flash cards.  

Once you find your main season, you will have 3 steps to finding the specific sub-season.

Voila! You found your season!

If you have any questions at all about this product, do not hesitate to contact me. 

I created a FREE 19-minute training video you can watch to learn in-depth how to use the Face Flash Cards. 


Please note, there are no refunds accepted for this item. Thank you for your understanding.