PYW's Makeup Book

$ 29.95

My long-awaited Makeup eBook is finally here!

I’ve always said there are some different rules regarding makeup and color analysis. I explain what they are in my usual common-sense, easy-to-understand manner.

145 page PDF packed with lots of new images.

Pretty Your World’s Makeup Book” is filled with all the tips I know regarding which Seasons benefit from what colors and also how to apply them based on face shapes and eye shapes.

Who this is best for:

  • Women who wear makeup and have a pretty good idea of their season, or at least know their main season (Summer, Spring, Winter, Autumn). I don’t focus too much on how to find your season.
  • Color analysts who are great at color analysis but are a little lost as to makeup color selection, product selections, etc.  I don’t go into great detail about technical applications (there are tons of good books and videos on that topic) but I do touch on the topic.
  • Makeup artists who are interested in knowing the best colors to choose for their clients. Hint: wearing colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel does not work!



See Table of Contents image below for additional topics I discuss, as well as some additional images from the eBook.


Download instantly.

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