Newly Updated ColorBreeze Color Swatches (non-laminated)

$ 30.00 $ 65.00

NOTE: These are exactly the same as the other swatches, just without lamination. Extra care is required to prolong the life of the swatch. 

 Limited quantities available of the following seasons only:

  • ALL Summers, including the brand-new "Icy Light Summer"
  • ALL Autumns, including the brand-new "Hot Deep Autumn"
  • Clear Winter and Cool Winter.

The rest of the seasons will be available in late September. 

 Newly updated for 2018! ColorBreeze Color Swatches.

 50 Colors on sturdy non-aminated paper. 

Organized into 3 main sections: 1).  Your top 12 Power Colors (your no-fail best colors), 2).  your best light & dark Neutrals (4 light & 4 dark), and the remaining 3.) Fashion Colors complete your palette. 

  • Names of each color are on the back side. 
  • One new makeup card gives makeup suggestions. 
  • Two new pattern cards give suggestions regarding patterns for your season. 
  • Additional information cards list your Temperature, Chroma, Value, your Sister-Season, shine and contrast level, best metals and gems for your season, and more.
  • These are made in the USA!

Examples of new card images:


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