ColorBreeze Color Swatches CLEARANCE!

$ 55.00 $ 65.00

 The ColorBreeze swatches are about to get an upgrade. 

Save money on the remaining stock of swatches. 

These match my brand new ColorBreeze system. Every season has a corresponding swatch. 

  • 55 Colors on sturdy semi-gloss paper. 
  • Information on the back includes the color name and its usefulness as either a fashion color, core color or accent color. 
  • There will be a few tips on the back of some specific colors. For example, a certain color may be best worn on shiny fabric only; or a certain color may be great as a blush or lip color. 
  • You will also see where your 'flow' or what your 'sister-season' is. 
  • These are made in the USA!