12-Season ColorBreeze eBooks

$ 9.99


These eBooks are part of the full ColorBreeze System, of which the classic 12-Seasons are a huge part. 

Each of the 4 Main seasons has 3 sub-seasons.

10 ebooks are available.

So why not twelve? In my system, the Soft Summer and Soft Autumn were split into 4 more specific sub-seasons. These books can be found in the special "Soft" eBooks collections in this store.  

These eBooks will give you the essential information about each season such as:

  • Chroma, Value, Temperature
  • It's Sister-Season 
  • Makeup and hair recommendations
  • 40 of your best colors
  • and more

A 15 page PDF will give you the basics of what that particular season is all about with high definition photo examples. 


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