Deluxe Color Swatches

Pre-Order Now---Newly Updated ColorBreeze Color Swatches

$ 65.00

Now taking Pre-Orders for ALL ColorBreeze Complete seasonal swatches.


Pre-Ordering will take place until March 17, 2019. At that time, orders will be sent to our printer. It will take about 3 weeks for all swatches to be printed. So depending on when you place your order, it could take as long as 5 weeks or so for your item(s) to be shipped to you. 

  • ALL Summers, including the brand-new "Icy Light Summer"
  • ALL Autumns, including the brand-new "Hot Deep Autumn"
  • All Winters, including the brand-new "Cold Deep Winter" and the "Cold Clear Winter"
  • ALL Springs, including the brand-new "Sunlit Clear Spring" and the "Sunlit Light Spring"

ColorBreeze Color Swatches.

 50 Colors on sturdy semi-glossy, laminated paper. 

Organized into 3 main sections: 1).  Your top 12 Power Colors (your no-fail best colors), 2).  your best light & dark Neutrals (4 light & 4 dark), and the remaining 3.) Fashion Colors complete your palette. 

  • Names of each color are on the back side. 
  • One new makeup card gives makeup suggestions. 
  • Two new pattern cards give suggestions regarding patterns for your season. 
  • Additional information cards list your Temperature, Chroma, Value, your Sister-Season, shine and contrast level, best metals and gems for your season, and more.
  • These are made in the USA!

Examples of new card images:


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